Whitney and Jason Hahn, Great Clips - Minnesota - Open for Opportunity

Whitney and Jason Hahn always wanted to be business owners. Two years ago, when they moved to the Twin Cities, they knew it was the perfect time to follow their dreams of becoming their own boss. Like many first time business owners, they weren’t sure which where to start, and how to find the best fit for them and their needs. They started talking to the business owners in their life to crowd source ideas and decide what was their best course of action.

Some of their family members were franchise owners in Chicago and after talking with them about their experience franchising, and seeing their success firsthand, they knew that franchising was the right path for them. They opened their first Great Clips salon shortly after, and it was so successful that only three months later they acquired five more locations.

Whitney and Jason joined an Open for Opportunity Roadshow roundtable in the Twin Cities recently to share their franchising story and why they chose the franchising model when they went to open their first business. The ability to scale and grow a business is a big reason why franchising is a road to success for many aspiring entrepreneurs. There is ample opportunity for those who are looking to get into the business and work hard, and that’s what drove the Hanh’s to their success.

Before franchising, Whitney and Jason worked in corporate sales. When they decided to transition to franchising, they knew that as with any business ownership, there was risk involved – especially considering they were opening personal hair care salons during a global pandemic. But at the roundtable, Whitney explained that to them, risk only came with opportunity. So, Whitney and Jason took the leap of faith—and succeeded. As they continue to grow their operations, Whitney and Jason continue to define what Open for Opportunity is all about.