When a franchise opens its doors, opportunity abounds. Owners have the ability to provide for their families—but they also provide stable jobs and upward mobility to others, including their friends and neighbors. Franchising enhances the prosperity of our team members through competitive wages, skills training, and career growth for our people, from entry level to management.

And that opportunity multiplies. Whether moving up in the business or becoming an owner themselves, these local businesses teach and hone the skills that are essential to success in today’s workforce. So, at every level, franchise workers are on a pathway to success.

The future of franchising relies on recruiting and cultivating new talent. It’s why successful franchise owners invest in people from all backgrounds – people who rise to the challenge.

Together, we are Open for Opportunity.

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Clint Ehlers, FASTSIGNS – Willow Grove, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ

Clint Ehlers, FASTSIGNS – Willow Grove, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ

When Clint Ehlers job moved, but he didn’t want to, he had to get creative. Becoming a local franchise owner in the FASTSIGNS network provided him the opportunity to remain in the community where his family had roots and the flexibility to determine his future path. After a lengthy career in marketing and with a family in construction, creating branded materials to help companies make their statement seemed like a natural fit.

Jerry Akers, Great Clips – Cedar Rapids, IA

Jerry Akers, Great Clips – Cedar Rapids, IA

Sixteen years ago, Jerry Akers and his wife, Mickey, didn’t know anything about hair or cosmetology. But what they did know was that they were ready for a new career path and help change lives.


Franchise firms pay 2.2 – 3.4% higher wages than similar non-franchises


More than 65% of franchise workers are offered health insurance, a greater proportion than among small establishments in general


More than three-quarters of franchise workers (76%) are offered vacation, holiday, and sick leave