Shouvik Ganguly, SportsClips - Georgia - Open for Opportunity

Shouvik Ganguly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. The owner of three SportClips in the greater Atlanta area, Shouvik has built an outstanding culture at each of his locations to ensure talent retention and success. Shouvik worked in the corporate world for years before becoming a franchise owner. Having always wanted to be an entrepreneur working in local communities, he found being a franchise owner a perfect fit, and he already had some familiarity with SportClips as a customer.

His experience as a customer at SportClips was always top-notch. Shouvik realized after going to a couple of different SportClips locations for a haircut just how consistent the branding and experience. No matter the location, there was always the same standard of excellence.

Shouvik enjoys being a franchise owner for two reasons. One, he loves the freedom he has to pursue his dreams in his professional life and personal life. Second, Shouvik loves working with people. His employees’ range in experience, capabilities, and come from all walks of life. The diversity of people and ability to grow as a professional at Shouvik’s SportClips locations makes it an outstanding place of work.

Faced with the challenges of today’s labor shortage, Shouvik has managed to retain his top talent and keep his company culture consistent. Through an incentivized profit-sharing model, Shouvik offered his managers and top talent an opportunity to have a share in the revenue of each location. Through his manger-driven model, Shouvik gives his employees the ability to grow and lead while having a stake in their own success.