Shannon Servor, GymGuyz - California - Open for Opportunity

Shannon Sevor is a franchise owner of GYMGUYZ in Silicon Valley. The brand provides convenient, customized personal training, and brings the gym to the client’s home. Shannon felt like the proven franchise system worked well with his vision and would allow him to achieve his goal of serving the underserved with fitness training. Many of his clients have a lot of sedentary jobs and many people were diagnosed with chronic health conditions due to the pandemic, but their mobile services help their clients get back to themselves and live a healthier life. 

GYMGUYZ recruits trainers from the local community and provides them opportunities to grow within the business. Their employees are given many benefits and can receive a free certification that will allow them to better serve their clients. 

In addition to supporting their employees, GYMGUYZ adjusted their methods during the pandemic to support their clients with virtual personal training. Shannon’s franchise started only a couple months before the pandemic hit and they had to learn how to quickly adjust. Their business became 90% virtual, but they were still able to expand during the pandemic. Then when things were opening up again, they pivoted to go back to mostly in-person training to serve the needs of their clients to the best of their ability. 

Shannon is proud to have a local business that serves the community. By working at the local level, his employees can understand the leadership team and better grasp their vision. Understanding the leadership is something extremely important to Shannon because their way of leading with love is what attracted him to GYMGUYZ in the first place, and that passion is a valuable part of his franchise. 

Shannon Sevor is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.