Shane Evans - Massage Heights - Open for Opportunity

Shane Evans believes that she can deliver better service to guests and members through the cultural alignment and collaboration with franchise partners that has sustained the growth of Massage Heights. Shane is the CEO and co-founder of Massage Heights in Texas. The mission of Massage Heights is culture, and their goal is to recruit franchisees who recruit team members based on the core concept of values at Massage Heights. A huge goal of Shane’s and Massage Heights’ is to create the best experience possible for customers and franchisees.

“The majority of franchisors are also small business owners trying to realize their dreams in a different way” Shane says about local independent business owners who franchise. “They take their hard-earned money and put it into the business to be successful and to give back to their communities.”

Shane acknowledges that getting into the franchise model allows for people to be supported by the strength of all the people involved whether it be franchisees, corporate, or even the IFA.

Shane Evans is a local business owner, and she is Open for Opportunity.