Scott Hester, Mr. Transmission - Georgia - Open for Opportunity

Scott Hester was serving as an electronics technician in the U.S. Navy when first child was born. He decided he didn’t want to miss his young daughter growing up and was ready for a lifestyle change. Recognizing that he could use the skills he learned in the Navy, his dad suggested he come work for him at his Mr. Transmission location in Sandy Springs, GA. After four years of working for his dad, Scott decided to buy his own location, which he has been running for over 20 years in Decatur, Georgia.

Like being in the military, Scott says there is a proven system in franchising. There is a structure that franchisees know and operate with every day, which veterans know well. Mr. Transmission knows what works and what doesn’t work – and they are there to give you what they need and have your back.

More than that, he says franchising is what you make it, “You own it, it’s yours. You’re not just coming to a job, it’s like a second home.” He values getting to know his customers and help make their days when they really need it. He says, “Once you’re a customer, you’re in the family,” admiring how today he services the cars of children whose parents have been coming to his business since before they were born.

Now, Scott’s son Cameron works alongside him, just like he did for his dad. After a few years on his own, Cameron decided he wanted to work on cars for a living – and when Scott told him he needed the help, he was ready to come on board. He serves as Scott’s manager, and Scott is “really proud of him” and the great work he is carrying on for another generation.

Scott Hester is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.