Sarah Love, Pure Barre - Virginia - Open for Opportunity

Sarah Love was originally a client of Pure Barre, but she enjoyed it so much that she became a franchise owner in Richmond, VA and has been for nine or ten years. Although she knew she wanted to be a small business owner, she never considered franchising until she learned about Pure Barre. She saw the brand as more than a franchise and was driven by her passion to share it with others.

Pure Barre provides workout classes for their clients, which Sarah joined when she was going through a difficult time in her life. She found a community in Pure Barre that helped lift her up. After just thirty days of taking their classes she noticed differences in her physique and mental state – and felt inspired.

When Sarah started her franchise, she knew she wanted to be involved in the community. She spent no money on marketing, choosing to allocate all the funds that would have gone to marketing to a local organization, Fetch a Cure, which helps pet owners pay for their medical bills. They continue to be involved in their community as a constant presence at community gatherings and events, and steadfast partner to many local non-profits.

Sarah and Pure Barre work tirelessly to make their business so much more than a fitness company, both for their clients and their employees. In fact, when employees move, they often immediately search for another Pure Barre location work with.

One of Sarah’s former employees, also named Sarah started as a client and then became a teacher. Sarah is a part of the military and was frequently getting relocated, but each time she settled into her new posting, she found a new Pure Barre in her area.

Pure Barre provides a community for women of all ages to meet each other and give each other support. Sarah’s employees get to learn about all the aspects of running a business and are also provided with many opportunities for growth and professional development within the company.

Sarah Love is a local business owner, and she is Open for Opportunity.