Robby Ricks, FastSigns - California - Open for Opportunity


Robby Ricks is a franchise owner a FASTISGNS located in Sacramento, CA. He was drawn to the franchise business model because of its proven methods for success, and he worried that if he had started his own business independently it would not have been successful. There were also many other benefits to franchising such as getting help through consultants, keeping track of trends, help with branding, and managing the website.

One of the trends the Robby realized was extremely important was marketing and sales support which have helped promote the company and the brand. This has had a significant positive impact on their numbers.

Robby’s employees are center of the work he does. While today’s labor shortage has hit his business directly, he has been able to mitigate some of its worst effects by offering promotions, raises, and a bonus program. He also ensures his employees have the latest technology and equipment, regularly updating what they need to perform their jobs faster.

FASTSIGNS in the business of inspiring people, not just producing signs. Robby speaks about how they can aid and inspire their customers through their signs. From signs with quotes from famous players or coaches for school athletes to signs encouraging good customer service for local businesses, their customers and how they can help them no matter what their need, is always front of mind.

Robby Ricks is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity