Rich Freddo, CertaPro Painters - Texas - Open for Opportunity

Rich Freddo was flying planes in the Air Force before he was running a franchise. Rich owns a local CertraPro Painters franchise in Lewisville, Texas. A former Air Force officer, Rich feels  running a franchise is a natural follow up to serving in the military. There’s very straightforward training and playbooks to abide by. “We get into franchising to have a system in place with a sure bet if we follow that system we will be successful.” Since purchasing the franchise in 2012, Rich has put his business on the map in Lewisville for his fantastic service and dedication to customers.

As a former military officer, Rich loves being a leader and working behind the scenes to empower his team’s success. The enlisted force is the backbone of the military in the same way that Rich’s painters are the foundation for his business. For Rich, one of the best parts of being a business owner is helping his employees develop into capable leaders. He loves to bring in smart, capable people and teach them how to run the business.

With a great work environment and expert painters, Rich can provide his customers with the best experience possible with CertaPro Painters. After being dissatisfied for years with the work contractors did in his house, Rich really wants to provide a valuable service to his community and positive experience for people working with his company. He says it’s the best feeling when people come to him and tell him that his company changed their outlook on contractors. Rich Freddo loves the impact that he can have on people’s lives with his local CertaPro Painters business.