Nick Maldonado: Open for Opportunity - Open for Opportunity

With more than 200 offices across 23 states, Toro Taxes is the largest Latino tax franchise in America. Co-founder Nick Maldonado has successfully led the company from its founding days to national prominence. His company focuses on providing necessary services to the fastest growing population in the United States, the Latino community. At IFA’s recent Open for Opportunity Roadshow stop in Las Vegas, Nick was a featured panelist at the Opportunities in Franchising Roundtable discussion at the Latin Chamber of Commerce.

As a minority-owned and operated business, Nick and his team understand how important, but stressful the process for tax filings can be for immigrant and minority families in America. Recognizing this need and by partnering with trusted local tax advisors, Toro Taxes provides exceptional tax services that immigrant and minority families can rely on. That’s why Toro Taxes is committed to providing an unmatched quality of service to help their customers receive maximum tax return as early as possible.

In 2015, the Toro Taxes team wanted to scale their business to serve more communities across the country, and they knew franchising was the best way to accomplish that goal. Through franchising they were not only able to expand their own business, but they were also able to create business ownership opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

They spent years developing a reliable business model for tax preparation that could fill a need for individuals in every corner of the country. As a core business practice, Toro Taxes supplies their franchisees with the necessary supplies and resources to start and grow their own successful franchise operation, including  training systems, marketing platforms, additional revenue streams, and brand recognition.

Nick and his team built their business from the ground up, and through the franchise business model, they’re providing an essential service to thousands of clients who are in need. Franchising is the avenue that has allowed this one good idea to positively impact people in new  neighborhoods they might have never been able to reach.  Nick and Toro Taxes are a shining example of what it means to be Open for Opportunity.