Lou Schager, Mosquito Joe - Virginia - Open for Opportunity

Lou Schager spent 27 years as a U.S. Naval Officer before joining the Mosquito Joe franchise corporate team. After retiring from the military, Lou was in search of an opportunity in the private sector that would provide him with the same sense of purpose that he experienced while in the military. When Lou discovered Mosquito Joe, he knew he had found his next mission.

In addition to the feeling of having a purpose, he also discovered it was a way to bring health and happiness to families, ultimately fueling Lou to develop and grow Mosquito Joe. After starting out on the corporate team, Lou was promoted to President of the brand in 2017. Since then, the business has taken off, generating $98.5 million in 2020 in over 350 territories across 38 states.

Lou’s veteran background makes him well suited for franchising because he’s able to convert his military inspired leadership skills and strategic thinking to the business. His time in the military prepared him for his career in the private sector, with experiences that give him the ability to adapt quickly in moments of uncertainty, shifting roles and changing plans to fit the need of the moment.

Lou’s and many other veterans’ disciplined approach to following processes gives him an edge in the world of franchising. As the President of Mosquito Joe, Lou has used his position to encourage and motivate his fellow veterans to go into franchising. The transition out of the military to civilian life can be a challenge, Lou says. “As veterans, franchising is an optimal field because it allows business owners to follow their passions and interests without starting from scratch.”

Lou Schager is the President of Mosquito Joe, a neighborly company, and he is Open for Opportunity.