Kristopher Stuart - Open for Opportunity

Kristopher Stuart is the Chief Operating Officer at Bloomin’ Blinds in Plano, TX. His mom first started the business in Washington state and owned and operated it by herself. When Kristopher and his brother moved to Texas in the early 2000s, they found franchising the perfect opportunity to keep the family together.

The company continued to grow, and they added many to their franchisees to their family. Bloomin’ Blinds values local touch and works hard to love individuals and communities, supporting them and wanting to see them succeed.

Stuart’s and Bloomin’ Blinds identity stems from family values (like many franchise brands) and they operate based on an invested interest in all suppliers, franchisees, and franchisors. For instance, Bloomin’ Blinds newest franchisee got to spend Christmas with his daughter for the first time in ten years because of the flexibility and support of the franchise model.

Kristopher Stuart is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.