Josh Grinstead: Open for Opportunity - Open for Opportunity

When Josh Grinstead decided to open his own business, he explored every option available and decided that franchising was the best opportunity for him. He wanted business where he could rely on tools and systems with a proven track record, where he was confident would excel. Soon after, Josh opened not one but three GYMGUYZ franchise businesses all at once.

Among those tools, Josh was keenly interesting in how impactful being able to model his potential against the experience of franchisees in similar environments, and improve on that plan. Josh also said he chose GYMGUYZ specifically because they’re a leader in their industry and the systems they already have in place operate efficiently, setting their franchisees up for the best outcomes they can.

Although he’s new to the fitness industry in a professional capacity, Josh has always had a passion for personal fitness. With GYMGUYZ as a vehicle to turn his passion into a business, he was able to learn the technical side of it quickly. At a recent roundtable discussion at the Open for Opportunity Roadshow stop in New Jersey, Josh explained that his goals are to help people, do the right things always, work very hard and grow his business like crazy – and he’s able to do just that with his business. Franchising provides aspiring entrepreneurs opportunities to go into business in any industry, with or without experience. As a franchise business owner, people like Josh are given the tools, resources, and support to find long-term success, and that’s why Josh and GYMGUYZ are Open for Opportunity.