John Alexander, STOP Restoration - North Carolina - Open for Opportunity

John Alexander is a franchise owner of STOP Restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina. His business specializes in restoring homes or businesses that have been damaged. Although he was not familiar with the franchising model, his experience as a US Air Force veteran helped him develop the necessary skills he would need. Shortly after he graduated high school, he joined the U.S. Air Force where he served as a security policeman for six years. He learned many valuable skills there including discipline and attention to detail, which would help him with his pursuits later in life.

After the military, he served as a security guard at a nuclear power station, where he worked his way up the ladder over the years. After several years, John decided to change his career and he went to back to school – but still couldn’t find the fulfillment he was looking for.

John was always interested in franchising and, after taking many aptitude tests, he decided to open a STOP Restoration franchise. He was, in part, interested in this particular business because it was less dependent on the economy, and it proved to be a wise decision. When the pandemic hit, John and many other STOP Restoration locations did not have to shut down and were able to expand their business.

Customer communication is a key priority for STOP Restoration. When their customers come in, they are often overwhelmed because their business or home – something they have heavily invested time, money, and emotion in – is damaged. The employees go over the plan for restoration with the client, making sure they know every detail of how they plan to care for their prized possessions, and keep them updated on their day-to-day progress for the repairs and restoration. This method provides a lot of comfort for their customers and is one of the reasons STOP Restoration has garnered so much respect in their communities and among their customers.

John Alexander is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.