Joe Mabutas, AdvantaClean - California - Open for Opportunity

Joe Mabutas is a franchise owner of Advanta Clean located in Central Valley California. He started as the company’s general operations manager gaining great experience with hands on cleaning and getting to know the ins and outs of the business. Four years later, he had the opportunity to buy the business and has been running it himself as owner for the past seven years. Becoming a franchise owner was the right choice for him because he already loved what he did, and he knew the business well after working there for many years. Joe would be able to continue doing what he loved, but also have a more flexible schedule that would allow him to spend more time with his family.

The franchise model provided Joe with many benefits, everything from training for brand new employees to sales and a system that keeps track of all of the jobs and calls, which puts less stress on the owner.

Joe is proud of the fact that he built his business from the ground up. He wasn’t really a salesperson before, but owning his own franchise got him out of his comfort zone. His customers are loyal because in addition to using their services regularly, they recommend Advanta Clean to others because of the trust the put into their work.

During the pandemic, Joe adjusted his business in order to provide a clean and safe environment for his employees and customers. They obtained their licensing for COVID-approved sanitizing, which allowed them to clean people’s homes and businesses, while allowing them to feel safe. Joe also went out of his way to help the community by volunteering to sanitize local police and fire stations to prevent the spread of COVID, providing a valuable service for first responders.

Giving back is an essential part of the work of local franchise business owners, and Joe’s business goes to show that.

Joe is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.