Jim Ploughe, CertaPro Painters - North Carolina - Open for Opportunity

Before becoming a franchise owner, Jim Ploughe was in restaurant management for 25 years, where he was first introduced to the opportunity of franchising. After realizing the opportunity that franchising presented, Jim looked into different business options and landed on CertaPro Painters. Jim chose CertaPro because he aligned with the corporate values, especially respecting the individual and having pride in what you do.

Jim involves his team in every aspect of the business. Jim really focuses on bringing in great people who are looking for careers, not just entry-level jobs. After conducting an initial interview with a potential employee, Jim hands off an interviewee off to one of his current employees for a peer-to-peer interview. That way, there is an extra layer of trust and insurance that a potential new painter is a good fit for the team culture. Jim wants his employees to have a voice in decisions about the business. Jim is building a family, not just a business.

Beyond just business, Jim loves having the ability to give back to his community and provide free services to those in need. Jim’s employees get to choose a charity where they can give back, having at least one charitable give back per quarter. Not only is it great for the community, but it gets Jim’s team excited and brings them closer.