Jeanne Foster - Briad Group - Open for Opportunity

Jeanne Foster is the Area General Manger for the Briad Group in New Jersey. When Jeanne and the Briad Group franchise with companies such as Hilton and Marriott, they follow their well-established models and feel supported by all the tools they offer, while also exercising freedom to cater to their unique market as local operators. Brand support is paramount for Jeanne, and she feels encouraged every day to go out and connect with her community.

“People think of a franchise, and they think of the big names – the Hilton or the Marriott – and the revenues are going to them,” Jeanne clarifies about franchises. ‘When in reality, we are working with the community and hiring local people, we are bringing revenue in.”

Jeanne’s franchises generate tax revenue and support her local environment by being able to hire local people and create jobs while contributing to the community.

The Briad Group is a local business, and they are Open for Opportunity.