Gary Robins, SuperCuts - Pennslyvania - Open for Opportunity

Gary Robins is a franchise owner of Supercuts based in Pennsylvania in and around the Delaware Valley area. Being somewhat familiar with the franchise model, he decided to seek out franchised business opportunities and landed on Supercuts. One thing he appreciates is the network of other franchisees because any problem he could encounter others have already experienced it and know how to help. After twenty-four years, he has over sixty-four locations across four states with over four hundred employees.

Gary takes pride in how his business has grown, but what inspires him most is the ability to create new opportunities for his employees. The reason why he expanded the brand was to allow his employees to grow past entry-level jobs and get positions in the company that give them new responsibilities. This allows his employees to provide for their own families and creates security for their future. Some of his employees have been with him for over twenty years, and he credits that to the opportunities his businesses have provided.

Although Supercuts is connected to a large brand, Gary believes it’s important that the community understands that they are a locally owned business and shows that through the stores’ involvement with the community. They support local sports teams, fundraise for community initiatives, and get involved in community day parades. He knows that by showing they have a presence in the community, their customers can count on their support.

Gary Robins is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.