From West Point to East Ohio: Ralph Ware is Open for Opportunity - Open for Opportunity

Ralph Ware is a decorated veteran, serving in the US Army Acquisition branch for 10 years. After retiring from the military, Ralph searched for an opportunity to use the skills learned during his long career in the service. This was how he discovered franchising and opened his own branch of the Real Property Management Valor of Northeast Ohio.

As a Veteran, Ralph utilizes the principles he learned in the army and discovered that they are directly applicable to being successful when running a franchise business. Much a military position’s standard operating procedure document, a franchisee is provided a set of standards and rules used as a guide for running your business.

In part due to his West Point training, Ralph possesses the leadership abilities to run a successful business. Franchising provided the foundation from which to build and succeed in his dream of entrepreneurship. Despite the obvious recipe for success, there is still room for improvement when it comes to veteran representation in small business ownership. After retiring from the military, Ralph, like so many veterans, experienced a significant period of transition to life as a private citizen. Opening a franchise made that transition easier for Ralph like it could for so many others. Ralph was quick to learn a new system and was ready to succeed in this new sector of life.

Ralph Ware is the owner and operator of Real Property Management Valor of Northeast Ohio and he is Open for Opportunity.