Erin Grassmeyer: Open for Opportunity - Open for Opportunity

Erin Grassmeyer’s journey with California Closets began as a designer. Now as a franchise owner, she understands how her intimate knowledge of the business contributed to her success as a franchisee.

At IFA’s Open for Opportunity Roadshow stop in Las Vegas, Erin provided a site visit to one of her California Closets locations, highlighting how franchising is a premier business opportunity for women, especially single mothers such as herself who may need extra support in their business ventures.

Franchisees at California Closets are supported throughout the entire process, ensuring that every California Closet location and owner are set up for success. In fact, the brand provides on-site operational instruction, design, installation, staff training, media planning, and local and national advertising collateral. There are currently more than 100 California Closets locations worldwide, and Erin highlighted that many of them are owned by women.

During our time visiting her showroom, Erin shared how California Closest is more than just a company, but in fact, they have a passion for philanthropy and support local organizations that help women interview for job opportunities. Keeping businesses local through franchising ensures that business owners have a stake in their community. Throughout Erin’s career, she’s always prioritized mentoring and training others in her field. Having a leadership role at California Closets gives her the opportunity to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

Erin’s background includes managing residential remodels and coordinating construction efforts on large scale commercial projects. She’s been involved with the National Kitchen Bath Association since 1996 and a Certified Kitchen Designer since 2000. Her talents in design and construction paved a nice road to creating visually appealing spaces for her clients at California Closets.

Erin Grassmeyer is an inspiring franchise owner who is Open for Opportunity.