Dennis Hodge, CertaPro - Oregon - Open for Opportunity


Dennis Hodge had decided it was time to move on from corporate America. He turned to
franchising because he wanted the ability to control his own destiny and provide new
opportunities for others. He discovered CertaPro Painters Franchising, and in 2016, opened his
first business in Portland, Oregon. He has never looked back.

What really drew Dennis Hodge to CertaPro was the peer network the franchise provided.
Hodge said, “I wanted the security of knowing there was a business plan that was proven and
effective with a peer network.”

At his local CertaPro, Hodge strives to make every employee feel like family. He ensures he get
to know all of them and their families. He wants it to be a fun work environment and even plans
events and outings for staff.

On a professional level, Hodge empowers his workers by providing them with opportunities for
growth. He invites painters to make leadership decisions, listening to their input on where they
want to see the business grow in the future.

Beyond the business side, Hodge and his employees give back to the community in Portland.
Last year their CertaPro location partnered with Project Lemonade, a non-profit that provides
clothing and school supplies to children in foster care. Hodge and his team provided free
services to those in need and ran a fundraiser to raise money for the charity.