Denise and Jeff Garvey, CertaPro Painters - Delaware - Open for Opportunity

When Jeff and Denise Garvey went looking for a second career they could go into together, they searched for a franchise that could benefit their community and be fulfilling. Denise Garvey, a former public school teacher, has a mind for business. Jeff Garvey was in the supplier business and wanted to return to something that was familiar. Jeff was a painter in High School, helping out his father who also happened to take up painting as a second career.

After Jeff and Denise Garvey met with the corporate team at CertaPro, they knew it was a perfect match. As the owners of CertaPro Painters of Delaware, the Garvey’s understand the needs of their community and can help connect great painters to people in need of their services.

The Garveys love having the support of the corporate CertaPro team to help guide them and their business. Denise Garvey said that “the beauty of being a part of a franchise is that you have that corporate support and their best practices.” The Garvey’s settled on CertaPro because of the technology they offered, their marketing expertise, and the company culture and values.

When the couple first launched their business in 2009, their territory was originally just Wilmington, Delaware. As the business grew, their reach expanded to other zip codes. Now, nearly ten years later, they cover the entire state of Delaware. “We paint Delaware top to bottom.”

Not only do the Garveys have a loyal clientele base, they also have a base of loyal painters. With the technology provided by CertaPro, the Garvey’s have been able to get estimates to clients almost immediately, subsequently enlisting painters year round, dispelling the notion of seasonal painters. Painters have been working for the Garveys for years because they consistently provide work and opportunities.