Debbie and Deon Boles, Office Evolution - California - Open for Opportunity


Debbie and Deon Boles went searching for a franchise business that would lead them into retirement. Deon, a former tech worker in Silicon Valley, and Debbie, a former elementary school teacher, found Office Evolution and knew they found the perfect fit to open the business of their dreams. Not only did Office Evolution offer them an opportunity to stay connected to their community and provide an important service, but the Boles loved the emphasis the brand put on family.  

 Office Evolution was founded by Mark Hammeter who grew up in Hawaii. When Mark launched, the Ohana value that he grew up with played an important role in shaping his business and brand. Debbie and Deon Boles knew it would be a perfect fit. They loved the idea of being a part of a community with a service that helps other people grow their businesses.  

 They Boles opened their business in February of 2020 when nobody knew what was ahead. Their business remained closed for four months before being allowed to re-open, and from then they have to reevaluate and pivot their business in the wake of the pandemic. The Boles re-launched by marketing Office Evolutionas a space that would allow kids and parents alike to get out of the house and get work done. Because schools remained closed through much of the pandemic in California, the Office Evolution in Los Gatos became the school site for many students while online learning continued. During that tumultuous time, Debbie and Deon knew that it would be a sink or swim moment for their business. They figured out a way to make it work and helped their community remain afloat.  

 The ability for Debbie and Deon to provide a service to their community that offers something to everyone, kids and adults alike, makes any hardship they experience worth it.  

Debbie and Deon Boles are local business owners, and they are Open for Opportunity.