David Habas, SuperCuts - California - Open for Opportunity

David Habas is a franchise owner of several Supercuts locations based in Northern California. Joining his father’s business, determined to expand the business, David and his business partners own over one hundred locations with nearly eight hundred employees. 

He is proud to have employees that have been with his company for over thirty-five years. David believes that a contributor of their long-time employment is that they work with a local employer who directly pays their salaries, provides benefits, and creates a positive work culture. One way they do this is through their Anniversary program where for every five years of an employee’s service they celebrate with a ceremony and are given a bonus. This program rewards their long-time employees and shows they truly value them.

Because Supercuts is a part of a well-known brand, they are able to provide training for their stylists, many who are recently out of school or looking for a career change. This training is incredibly important because in addition to the schooling required of the stylists to obtain their licenses, Supercuts educates them on techniques that are unique to their brand. This allows their customers to experience the same consistent haircut no matter what Supercuts location they visit. Also, because of their brand name recognition they have marketing to bring in customers. Without the franchise system they would not be able to provide this training and have such a large pool of customers.

With the support of the franchise, David has employees have gone on to become store managers themselves or area managers who are responsible for multiple Supercuts locations. Their workforce comes from the local community, which is one of the ways the stores give back to the community. His Supercuts stores get involved in local festivals, sponsoring little league teams, supporting local schools, and volunteering, like one of their stores who set up an event to give free haircuts to veterans. By showing their employees and community that they care, David has been able to expand their successful brand. 

David Habas is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.