Clarissa Bradstock, Any Lab Test Now - Georgia - Open for Opportunity

Clarissa Bradstock joined Any Lab Test Now when the brand began franchising in 2007. Having been there since the beginning and taking over as CEO in 2014, Clarissa has seen the brand grow to 207 franchise locations all over the country, employing over 500 people in the medical field. Any Lab Test Now hires medical assistants and provides many of them with their first exposure to the healthcare field.

Any Lab Test Now has cultivated an environment that allows employees to educate themselves about healthcare and franchising. This has led to four of their medical assistants becoming franchise owners themselves. Clarissa describes them as heart brand because many of their franchise owners truly want to make a difference by giving back to the community through healthcare.

The brand provides DNA, toxicology, and clinical testing which allows their customers to take control of their healthcare. During the pandemic the provided a huge relief to the community by offering COVID-19 tests. They supplied these tests based on customer demand and were able to provide relief for millions of people by getting them their results quickly.

In addition to providing care with their tests, the brand supported the New Orleans Musicians Clinic. By donating to the clinic, they were able to give musicians the healthcare they desperately needed during the pandemic. Franchises also give back at the local level by supporting their local domestic violence shelters and working with food banks to package food for high-risk people.

Any Lab Test Now uses the franchise model to grow their brand and give back to communities all over the country.