Bonnie & Charles King: Open for Opportunity - Open for Opportunity

Charles and Bonnie King are proof that anyone a desire to work, and a drive perform can achieve success if you use the tools provided in franchising.

After 28 years of employment with Verizon on the west coast, Charles and Bonnie purchased their first FASTSIGNS franchise business in early 2020. Later that year, they had the opportunity to buy two more franchises and they didn’t think twice. Charles, a former intelligence leader at Verizon and his wife Bonnie, a former stay-at-home mom, now run three FASTSIGNS locations in New Jersey.

During a recent roundtable with the Open for Opportunity Roadshow stop in New Jersey, Charles and Bonnie shared that they were attracted to the franchise business model because they loved the idea of a support structure. As the saying goes, in franchising you can go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. They appreciated having a team who understood the market behind them and how their collective knowledge contributed to their success.

One example of the continued support a franchise can offer their franchisees was when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Charles and Bonnie were able to hold weekly meetings with their franchisor about adjusting to the new market and helping them get certifications as an essential business in order to keep their lights on and their employees on payroll. On top of that, as Charles and Bonnie – like many small business owners – have had to address workforce shortages, franchising has provided them the opportunity to hire from within their FASTSIGNS network, not only proving them with necessary worker but also providing employment opportunities for many new employees. Many small businesses across the country struggle to find workers, but with franchises these small business owners have a pool of talented, knowledgeable workers to pull from.

Whether an aspiring franchisee comes from inside or outside of the franchise family, the business model provides the support structure and training so that no matter your background or experience level, you can find success with the tools available in franchising, and that’s what keeps the Kings Open for Opportunity.