Barbara Elliot, Decorating Den - Georgia - Open for Opportunity

Barbara Elliott was working for one of the largest accounting firms in the U.S. but wanted to try something different. She always had a passion for interior design, so she teamed up with her sister and the two of them purchased a franchise of Decorating Den to start their company Sisters and Co. They have been running the franchise in Stone Mountain, GA for 25 years helping it grow. She is proud to say that their company has been profitable since its first year.

By becoming a part of the Decorating Den franchise Barbara was able to grow her business much quicker than had she gone at it alone. She did not have to return to school to get a degree in interior design because of the training that the franchise provided. Also, since she was coming from a different career path it was important to them that they had a proven method for them to be successful.

Their franchise has grown considerably in many ways. Over the years, they have been able to higher more office personal and add decorators to their team. They have obtained their master license, which allows them to add new designers and additional franchises to the region where they operate.

Barbara is proud of the way Decorating Den has been able to help other entrepreneurs as well. Barbara was one of only five black Decorating Den franchise owners and has used her story to help increase that number and encourage others to follow in her same path to success. She also spoke about how important it was for them to form business relationships with other individuals because it allows the local craftsmen that they work with to grow their own business alongside the franchise – and further help the communities around them.

Barbara Elloitt is a local business owner, and she is Open for Opportunity.