AZ Big Media: Franchise Expo West brings thousands to Downtown Phoenix - Open for Opportunity

This article originally appeared in AZ Big Media on March 7, 2022. Read the full piece.

Thousands of Arizona entrepreneurs, business owners and brand representatives will gather at the Phoenix Convention Center this Friday and Saturday, March 18-19, for Franchise Expo West. The event – sponsored by the International Franchise Association – is a chance for Phoenix residents to learn about the fast-growing franchising industry, which continues to lead Arizona’s economic recovery.

Employment by Arizona franchises increased by nearly 10% in 2021 alone, creating an estimated 18,361 new jobs across the state. Arizona is projected to be 3rd nationally in terms of franchise growth this year, adding 572 new franchise establishments, according to the International Franchise Association’s 2022 Franchising Economic Outlook.

“The franchise industry is helping lead the economic recovery in Arizona, where franchising is growing at the 3rd-fastest rate in the nation,” said Sheila Fischer, President, MFV Expositions. “Franchising not only creates new jobs, it means economic opportunity and advancement. Countless franchise owners began as hardworking clerks and cashiers, gaining the experience and know-how they would need to climb into other roles and one day operate a small business of their own. We look forward to sharing more about this vibrant industry as part of Franchise Expo West in Phoenix, a critical stop on our Open for Opportunity national roadshow.”

Every business venture comes with risk, but franchisees who work with a well-recognized brand increase their odds of success with access to additional resources and support. The franchise model also is opening doors to historically underrepresented business-owners; people of color own nearly 1 in 3 franchises nationally, and 70% of brands have partnered with veterans. Nationally, employees at franchise businesses – on average – earn more than similarly-situated workers at independent businesses, and are more likely to have access to important benefits such as health insurance.

WHAT: MFV’s Franchise Expo West is giving Phoenix residents the chance to connect with leaders from fast-growing brands like Zaxby’s, Checkers, Fantastic Sams, Baskin Robins and more. The exciting 2-day event, sponsored by the International Franchise Association, will also offer important courses for aspiring business owners. Overall, the goal is for locals to form partnerships with brands to open businesses and create jobs.

WHEN: Friday and Saturday (March 18-19) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE:  Phoenix Convention Center,  North Halls A-B, 475  Monroe Street, Phoenix