Ashley Morris - Capriotti's and Wing Zone - Open for Opportunity

Ashley Morris is the CEO of two franchises, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop and Wing Zone, both located in Las Vegas, Nevada. For Ashley, the power of franchising is in the built-in practices, processes, and tools the franchisees how to run their business, while still empowering small business ownership. As many say, in franchising you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Ashley discussed the powerful development path in franchising offers many employees. Some of the current franchisees started as employees and they are now owners of their own locations. These employees were able to work at a place they loved while learning the system –then were able to go out and build a restaurant of their own.

Many people might think of franchising as just quick-service restaurants. However, Ashely notes that most people don’t understand that every facet of business is in franchising. There are many different types of franchises beyond restaurants, suited for people of all kinds of disciplines.

“It’s just such a great way for people to be able to live their dreams and become business owners and be successful.” He states in support of the franchise model.

Ashley Morris is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.