Aron Glinsky, Any Lab Test Now - Georgia - Open for Opportunity

Aron Glinsky has been in small business his whole life and when the owner of the franchise Any Lab Test Now reached out to him for help with managing, Aron welcomed the opportunity. He believes that the franchise business model allows everyone to contribute to the system which provides support that independent businesses may not have access to, such as national marketing and professional website management, something he is grateful that is taken off the shoulders of the franchisees.

Any Lab Test Now was started in 1992 by Dr. David Perlow and is a direct-to-consumer lab care testing company. Aron is proud of the way his franchises have cultivated a positive work environment, which is evident by the fact that there are employees who have been working there since the brand’s beginning. Aron gave credit to their long-time employees’ commitment as a part of the reason why they are a successful franchise, such as Ms. Lyda, who is so dedicated that she arrives 40 minutes early every morning to be properly prepared.

Aron emphasized the importance of providing for his employees and believes that by creating a better work culture it will allow the employees to feel fulfilled at work, which in turn will allow them to provide better service for their customers.

Any Lab Test Now prioritizes connecting with and supporting their patients to the best of their ability. During the pandemic, the company properly educated themselves on the latest COVID-19 tests and then made them available for the public. Some of their most common customers are the doctors from across the street at Piedmont Hospital, who require testing to continue working.

Aron also showcased the importance of available health care. Any Lab Test Now provides all kinds of tests from allergy to DNA testing so customers can get the help they need quickly.

Aron Glinsky is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.