Ama Balde - McDonald's - Open for Opportunity

Ama Balde is the Director of Operations at a McDonald’s franchise located in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been there for 13 years and the main reason she stayed is due to the family environment cultivated by this family-owned business.

Ama, like many franchise owners, knows that most people don’t think of the franchise as a family-owned business. They only see McDonald’s as providing entry level jobs, unaware of the path to owner operator, which allows Ama to provide that opportunity to her children as well.

The franchise has Archways to Opportunity, where funds are given to members of the McDonald’s family to help them pursue their education. Last year, they gave over $100,000 to their workers, allowing them to complete a high school diploma or receive a college degree.

“There is so much more to McDonald’s,” Ama says. “It is a brand that focuses on empowering our people and providing opportunity.

Ama Balde is a local business owner, and she is Open for Opportunity.