Franchising is open for opportunity.

“We’re Open” means something different today on Main Street. Times have changed—our communities need more from us as local businesses, leaders, and job creators. That is who we are. IFA members and franchise owners ARE those local business creators driving America’s economic recovery.

Together, we are Open for Opportunity.

The faces of franchising are as diverse as our businesses. By providing meaningful jobs and resources that uplift our families and neighbors, we generate opportunity, stability, and wealth for the next generation to build a more equitable tomorrow.

As franchise local businesses, we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We are rising to our community’s challenges.

Together, we are Open for Opportunity.


From Active Duty to Active Opportunity

Franchising can open the door to a new path—a path to prosperity for our nation’s veterans entering civilian life.

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Franchises Create Opportunity for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Franchising can break down roadblocks and navigate barriers to local business ownership while providing equitable opportunities to uplift our families and neighbors.

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Franchises are Integral to Thriving Communities

Owners, employees, and customers rely on each other, building each other up and creating long-term, quality relationships that define what community really means today.

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Franchise Workers are on a Pathway to Success

Whether moving up in the business or becoming an owner themselves, these local businesses teach and hone the skills that are essential to success in today’s workforce.

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The Value of Franchising

The Value of Franchising report demonstrates that independent franchise owners are local business leaders who contribute significantly to economic growth, job creation, wealth distribution, and charitable endeavors in their communities.