“Most Franchises are locally owned, like mine, and they are owned and operated by someone that lives in that neighborhood. ”

– Cheston C. Syma, Sport Clips Haircuts – Texas & Illinois

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Cheston C. Syma, Sport Clips Haircuts – Texas & Illinois

Cheston C. Syma is a U.S. Marine veteran, a former security contractor for the U.S. State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency, a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Business Finance, and now an entrepreneur with the foresight to see opportunities and monetize them for financial return and equity value.

As a U.S. Marine, Cheston quickly rose to become the Platoon Sergeant of a 39-man infantry platoon and also served as a primary marksmanship instructor for his unit. After his time in the infantry, Cheston was accepted into the Marine Security Guard program and was a Marine Guard at the U.S. Embassies in Haiti, England and Russia where he held a Top Secret Clearance. Cheston became a security contractor during the peak of the Iraqi conflict and served his nation once again in the close protection of U.S. Diplomats, Senators, and Congressmen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cheston is now a multi-franchise and multi-unit franchisee of Sport Clips Haircuts with forty-one locations, employing more than 300 employees throughout Texas and Illinois. Franchising has allowed Cheston to change lives by giving back employment opportunities, accelerating success stories and lifting up his community. Employing people directly from his community Chaston has been showing big impact on his local community.

Cheston C. Syma is a local business owner, and he is Open for Opportunity.

Tracy Panase, Just Between Friends – Pennsylvania

Fourteen years ago, Tracy Panase and her husband John came across Just Between Friends, a semi-annual children’s and maternity sales franchise where families can buy and sell items that their children need at a very affordable price. Tracy started with just one sale and had no idea how much of a need they would fill and just how many families she could help.

Arnie Seyden – Your Pie – Georgia

When Arnie Seyden and his wife wanted to do something different with their careers that tied directly back to their local community, they turned to franchising. In 2019, their family opened their first Your Pie location in Canton, Georgia, and now have a second restaurant in Woodstock. Three out of their five children decided to join the family business helping run the two stores, eventually to make them their own one day.

Chris McCuiston, Goldfish Swim School – Birmingham, MI

When Chris McCuiston does his job, he doesn’t only give a child the opportunity to enjoy backyard pool parties, sailboat cruises, and rope swings over the creek, but he gives them the chance to potentially save their own life. It’s why he and his wife, Jenny, opened Goldfish Swim School in Birmingham, Michigan in 2006.